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Shulansky Consulting

A consulting practice dedicated to matters of governance, organization and business development, and management. Provides guidance on board policy and practice; organization, strategy, planning, and finance; public affairs; and, institutional advancement. Offers adept counsel in support of complex undertakings in public, corporate, closely-held, and nonprofit community settings. Often participates in business combinations, consolidations and restructurings; capital formation activities; public-private transition; and, joint ventures and alliances. Experienced in a variety of business situations, including health care, aerospace, education, technology, financial services, aviation, news and professional services, distribution, manufacturing, food service, and hospitality. Representative engagements include:

> Retained by the Chairman of a $500 million nonprofit health care organization to develop consensus among board members and management for change in governance structure and policy. Effected a major reorganization resulting in adjustments to board composition and structure that contributed to significant value-added strategic business combinations.

> Reported to the Chairman of the Board of a NYSE industrial corporation to review board function, structure and composition. Recommended and planned implementation of realignment of board, and improved board-management relations and efficacy.

> Reported to the Board Chairman of a large nonprofit to address governance responses to required IRS Form 990 disclosures, including executive group compensation, conflicts of interest, whistle-blower, and related board compliance.

> Reported to the Managing Director of a major global investment banking firm to review and advise regarding the business model, strategy, organization, governance and management of a proposed $150 million capitalization of a startup aviation project.

> Retained by the CEO of a European company to join a team to plan, fund and manage a new US organization to transfer Russian military aerospace technology to the US. Capitalized and established a multi-million business in eight months as a board and management team participant, and subsequently sold to a NYSE aerospace firm 18 months later.

> Reporting to the Founder and President of a startup health care technology organization refined business strategy and model, revised the Private Placement Memorandum, Public Offering prospectus, and prepared board level policies and procedures in anticipation of IPO. Successfully raised initial capital, guided board in transition to public offering, and eventual acquisition.

> Retained by the Chairman of the Board and Head of a private secondary school to lead a retreat to train board members on fiduciary responsibility and the role of a Board.

> Reported to the President of a large private information technology corporation to facilitate and implement a revision of governing policies and procedures to reshape the Board to respond to shareholder and debtor issues.

> Retained by the President of one of the largest private life and health care insurance brokerage agencies in the United States to provide guidance on product and market strategy.

> Retained by the CEO of a private nanotechnology enterprise to review and revise business strategy, plans, and internal operations. Resulted in restructuring business model and staffing profile. Advised board and management on improvements to internal financial controls and external reporting, compliance risks, and capital formation.

> Reported to the Chairman and CEO of an overseas international news bureau to raise capital, develop market presence, review the business model, identify operating resources, and assess an organizational strategy to achieve a fiscally secure global identity. Prepared board development and compliance guidelines to support funding efforts.

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